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Standard Mode Of Operation

The Cabinet Quotation pages allow experienced cabinet makers to select from a range of cabinet types and styles and provide information about dimensions and other requirements. This information is then used to provide an on-line quotation for the supply of these cabinets. At any time, a quotation or order can be saved prior to completion, which will allow the entry of the quotation or order to be continued within 28 days.

To use this quotation system, you must be a registered customer of VINYL Tech. To register, please contact VINYL Tech via the Contacts page.

Having received a quotation, the customer can turn this into an order by the entry of additional information. Cabinet orders can generally be filled within 3 working days.

Cabinets will be made from MDF wrapped in vinyl on visible areas and on doors (unless requested otherwise). Doors and end panels1 may be of any existing VINYL Tech design, ABS edged 16mm Melamine, standard edged 16mm Melamine, or they may be omitted from the order ("Other Doors").

The web site works on the basis of a job consisting of one or more "runs". A run is one or more consecutive (side-by-side) cabinets. A quotation may contain one or more of these runs, and each run may consist of one or more individual cabinets. Each run has a beginning and an end, and each cabinet may be joined to its adjacent cabinet (or the beginning or end of the run), using the following methods:

  • A - Angle (Used for straight cabinets not corner cabinets)
  • B - Blind
  • C - Concealed (Used in corners, this end passes through to the wall). Used with (O)pen
  • J - Join (another cabinet or panel continues from this type of end)
  • O - Open (Open end of cabinet. Used with C - Concealed)
  • R - Rail

The web site knows which combinations of cabinet can be joined together and how this can be done. These alternatives are offered as each run of cabinets is built up from left to right. When indicated (by the customer), the run will end with the type of end associated with the last cabinet. If a mistake is made while building up a run, the run can be altered (or even deleted) once it is finished. More runs can be added as necessary.

When the customer indicates that all the cabinets in all the runs for the job have been entered, they will be presented (again) with all the cabinets, in sequence, and asked to enter the detailed dimensions and any other relevant characteristics of all the cabinets in the job. These dimensions are validated by the web site to check for reasonableness, however, ultimately, the web site must assume that you know what you want. The responsibility for checking dimensions rests with the customer.

At any time, the customer may choose to go back to a previous step, make changes, and then progress again. Unless it has to, the web site will not require information to be entered again. The customer can make any change they require, or leave the information as-is.

Once all the dimensions and any other relevant characteristics have been entered, the web site will calculate a quotation for the supply of cabinets to those specifications. Note that this quotation will exclude any end panels that may be required - these are quoted separately.

To obtain additional information during the quotation process, where provided, you may click on the
symbol ?.

1 End Panels must be ordered separately from the cabinet quotation. A link to set up a Door quotation/order for the end panels is provided on the Cabinet Quotation page.



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