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Standard Mode Of Operation

The Door Quotation pages allow experienced cabinet makers to select from a range of door types and styles and provide information about dimensions and other requirements. This information is then used to provide an on-line quotation for the supply of these doors. At any time, a quotation or order can be saved prior to completion, which will allow the entry of the quotation or order to be continued within 28 days.

To use this quotation system, you must be a registered customer of VINYL Tech. To register, please contact VINYL Tech via the Contacts page.

Having received a quotation, the customer can turn this into an order by the entry of additional information. Door orders can generally be filled within 3 working days.

Doors will be made from MDF wrapped in vinyl (unless requested otherwise).

To more forward and backward within a quotation, you must use the buttons provided on the web pages. The browser buttons for "Back", "Forward" and "Reload/Refresh" must not be used. At any time, the customer may choose to go back to a previous step, make changes, and then progress again. Unless it has to, the web site will not require information to be entered again, unless the customer wants to make a change.

All dimensions are in millimetres. Once all the dimensions and any other relevant characteristics have been entered, the web site will calculate a quotation for the supply of doors to those specifications.

To obtain additional information during the quotation process, where provided, you may click on the
symbol ?.




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