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Terms and Conditions

The use of our website is governed by the following Terms and Conditions.


  1. This website can be used to order cabinetry components that are custom made to your specifications. Once an order has been placed it can only be changed if we have not started manufacturing it and, we have your changes in writing.
  2. The "Notes" area for Cabinet Orders is used to provide us with comments about a particular Cabinet. If used, the information entered may affect the way the standard cabinet is built. Careful attention should be given when adding Notes to either add or delete things.
  3. VinylTech Doors and Cabinet Systems Pty Ltd reserve the right to either accept an order or not.


  1. This website's pricing system is based on a standard range of materials, finishes and hardware types. Any changes away from our standard may affect the price up or down.
  2. Optional items such as Slide out Bins, Lemans Units, Chrome products, Cutlery Trays and Handles etc. are not included and would have to be quoted/charged separately.
  3. Pricing is fixed at the time a quotation is given. A saved quotation is valid for 28 days, but only if there is no return to the Data Entry pages. Returning to the Data Entry pages will result in a new quotation.
  4. Delivery is not included and is charged at a Full, Half or Quarter rate depending on the size of the order.
  5. If you would like a fixed price before we start your order please leave a message in any of the "Additional Comments" section when placing your order.


  1. Unless you have a current credit account, we normally ask for a Deposit prior to starting your order.
  2. Deposits paid are non-refundable once we order your materials or start processing your order.
  3. All COD orders must be paid for in full prior to pick up or delivery.

Delivery Dates/Times

  1. When placing orders, a pickup/delivery date must be provided. We will always try to meet this date however, if we are unable to, we will contact you.
  2. Delivery times can vary pending on traffic.


  1. Ownership/Title in the goods shall not pass to you (the customer) until all goods supplied have been paid for in full.



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